Who we are and what we know about Yixing teapots

We are Yixing collectors, extremely passionate about traditional Chinese culture. We love everything that is elegant and refined.

Yixing (or Zisha) teapots, also known as purple clay teapots, have slowly become an integral part of drinking culture in China and went on developing all around the world. 

We started collecting Yixing teapots decades ago.
We aim to stock a variety of real Yixing teapot wares with different high quality clay,  therefor most of our selected teapots are unique made.

We will keep on purchasing the charm of Yixing teapots and we would love to share our joy with you.

Our webshop has been online since year 2004. We proudly can say that we were one of the first e-commerce website selling Yixing teapots online. Since then we have had lots of happy customers, lots of inquiries and lots of knowledge sharing.