Painting Phoenix 泥绘凤凰壶

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100% guarantee of yixing teapot. Well decorated paintings and Chinese characters pasted in both sides of the teapot. It is an useful and beautiful teapot to brew the tea with good friends.

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The teapot is made in purple clay, but it looks red like made in Zhuni. The body is flat and round. The lid looks like a hat, well matching to the body. The front of the teapot is decorated with a traditonal Chinese mud painting, phoenix and peony, while the back is pasted with Chinese characters. The clay is smooth. The spout is round. It is suitable to brew every kind of tea.

Capacity: 350 ml
Length : 16.5 cm
Height : 7.5 cm
Diameter: 7.2 cm
Spout : 1 hole

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