Wang Mingdong

Wang Mingdong – the most potential pottery master

Being in purple clay industry for twenty years, and under the guidance of two remarkable masters Jiang Jianxiang and Wang Yinxian, Wang Mingdong has now gradually formed his distinguished personal pottery style and unique institute ideal. He devotes himself in bringing every teapot into life, and as a result, his works has been collected by many museums like Hongkong Tea & Art Arcade, Hongkong Great World Culture Center, Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Museum and Wuxi Museum.

Wang is skillful both at plain and decorative teapots. When making plain teapots, he uses simple, smooth and energetic lines to bring out a feeling of movement; while making decorative teapots, he uses lifelike cane branches as well as vivid and spreading leaves to create natural effects. In 2002, he created a teapot named Yiqing teapot, on which there were peach leaves and all leaves seemed just like waving in the air. Exactly at the same year, he created another teapot named Dai teapot, which was full of energy and looked just like a racer ready for rush out, and which gained the Gold Medal in Chengdu Arts Fair in 2003.

The course of Wang Mingdong’s art life

l Born in Yixing city in 1966.
l In 1983, accepted into the Yixing Purple Clay Factory and started to learn the art of pottery from Jiang Jianxiang, a well-known Senior Craft Master.
l In 1984, entered into the Zhejiang Pottery Light-industry College to study theories about arts, crafts and packing decorations.
l In 1986, passed the examination of and accepted into the Research Section at Yixing Purple Clay Factory, where he was able to systematically study all kinds of pottery modeling and decorating techniques from Wang Yinxian, the Master of China’s Arts and Crafts.
l In 1991, established the Suiyuanju Purple Clay Workshop.
l In 1993 became a famous purple clay potter in Taiwan, and regarded as one of the most outstanding potters in his ages.

l Senior Craft Master of China
l Member of China’s Arts & Crafts Association
l Member of Yixing Pottery Professional Association
l The Owner of Suiyuanju Purple Clay Workshop