Before we try to understand why there is different taste for different teas, we need to understand the major factors which determine the Pu’er quality:

1) is it from old trees over hundred of years? Normally the quality from old trees is good but the tea production is quite limited.

2) are the tea leaves picked before Qingming festival? The leaves nutritive substance are the highest in spring, so the tea will taste sweeter than the other seasons of the year.

3) are the trees growing in the famous 6 mountains? There is a long history for the famous tea mountains, the taste in different mountain has its own features, very special and tasty. It is like wine, the quality and the price in different production areas are not the same.

4) The year when the tea was produced. With the year ages, the value and the taste would normally become higher and thicker.

For 2000 spring tea, the tea is from old trees in Youle Mountain which is one of the 6 mountains, it is spring tea in 2000, that’s why the value is the highest. Beside is a photo with its original package which states where the tea is from, what’s the factory and the year produced.

For 2005 spring tea from old trees that we carry in our stocks, it is also from Youle mountain, but the leaves are not the most tender parts, so its value is a bit lower.

We also have in stocks another 2005 spring tea (大叶种春茶), which is also from Youle area, but it is not from old trees.

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