Meng Chen Zhuni clay Teapot

$ 450.00

Made of 100% Zhuni clay.

Purely handmade.

Capacity: 150 ml
Height   : 7 cm
Length    :  12 cm
Diameter : 4.5 cm
Spout:  1 hole

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The Meng Chen Zhuni clay teapot

It is made of 100% Yixing clay. It is crafted out of refined rare Zhuni clay and it is purely handmade. This is a traditional Meng Chen type teapot. It is classic, elegant, and exquisite. The clay is an excellent rare Zhuni. It is pleasant to brew tea with this little one.
Capacity: 150 ml
Height: 7 cm
Length:  12 cm
Diameter : 4.5 cm
Spout:  1 hole


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