Pu’er Tea rose up in the Eastern Han Dynasty, turned into comity in the Tang Dynasty, began to be popular in the Shong Dynasty, as finalized in the Ming Dynasty and was prospered in Qing Dynasty with a history of thousand of years. Pu’er Tea was originally named by its central trading area. In 1729 Qing government had first established an administrative zone named Pu’er Tea zone in Yunnan.

Since 1970’s, Pu’er Tea has become hot in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Korea. Pu’er Tea has been hot because of its habitat on high elevation and foggy growing environment,  where it is harvest pollution-free in nature. It has a mellow taste and long-lasting aftertaste;

Moreover, the unique way to produce this tea, the transportation, the packaging of Pu’er Tea made it become a unique second fermenting tea, thus it has formed a unique fragrance and a health care function.